About MCAT

The Masonry Contractors' Association of Toronto (MCAT) is an Employers Association engaged in Industrial Relations.  MCAT has represented its contractor members in collective bargaining with the Bricklayers’, Masons Independent Union of Canada, Local 1 for fifty years and for tweny years with the Universal Workers Union, LIUNA, Local 183.  Notwithstanding differences, the Association has enjoyed a productive relationship with Local 1 and Local 183.  Our members employ approximately 2,700 bricklayers and bricklayers’ assistants and account for 70% of all masonry construction in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Further to its collective bargaining role, the Association engages in matters relating to Labour Law reform, Occupational Health & Safety, the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board as well as initiatives involving Industry Promotion and Apprenticeship Training.

In addition to its contractor members, MCAT has an Associate membership (non-voting) of companies engaged in the Material, Equipment and Supply of masonry products and services.  Our contractors have had a positive experience with the addition of our Associate members and it has allowed MCAT to truly become an Industry Association.  This initiative has increased everyones knowledge, skill, and proficiency in the construction of masonry wall systems, and it has allowed for a better understanding of each other’s perspective of the masonry industry and masonry construction.  MCAT maintains a healthy dialogue with its Associate members, who work closely with MCAT contractors to produce an effective wall system that meets the long-term needs of homeowners, businesses and the communities where they live and work.