Classes of Membership

The Association has two main classes of membership as outlined below.  Those individuals, partnerships or corporations who qualify and are interested in becoming either a Masonry Contractor member or an Associate member can contact us at:

Masonry Contractors’ Association of Toronto
5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 16, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5A1
Joe DeCaria – General Manger
Telephone: (905) 614-1185             Facsimile: (905) 614-1102


Masonry Contractor Members (voting)

Those individuals, partnerships or corporations who are bona fide regularly engaged and operat­ing as masonry contract­ors in the Province of Ontario for such minimum period of time as may be set out from time to time in the By-laws of the Corpora­tion.  A masonry contractor is defined as any individual, partner­ship or corporation who for some form of monetary compensation undertakes to erect, construct, repair, rebuild or improve any building or other structure or any part thereof with the use of unit masonry, stone or tile or other masonry materials, providing labour, materials and equipment.

Material, Equipment and Supplier Members (non-­voting Associate)

Any individual, partnership or corporation who is bona fide regularly engaged or operating in the manufac­ture or supply of masonry materials or equip­ment and who is interest­ed in the promotion of unit masonry construction shall be eligible to become a Material, Equipment and Supplier Member.